Help for Tanzania since 2010

REALIZED PROJECTS - with contribution from many donors


- Joshua fromKileguru:

3 befriended families from South Tyrol support his training as a nurse.

Payment for an operation in Moshi by our member Mathias so that he can live a normal life again after his serious accident.
2021 - Financing a visit to a special clinic in Dar es Salam with surgery on little Serena's ears.
Surgery of 6 year old Joisy was in the year 2013
The girl was burned as a toddler and the arm was bent together.
After an operation in Dar es Salaam, she can now straighten her arm again.

TOTAL COST: 1.000,- €.

- 8 years have passed and the girl from Kileguru has become a teenager.

She wants to be a teacher.
We support her studies.

-TATU form Kileguru:
we support her and her family in building a house for their extended family.

First rally against the circumcision into the school at Kileguru in February 2020.

Our target is to avoid with sponsorships the circumcision.
It will be a long way.....( some picture)


DOROTHEA, c. 2020 - DOROTHEA, the Maasai girl from Kileguru, who would rather study than marry.
A member of our association supports her studies.
She wants to be a doctor.
Start of the construction of the EXTENSION of the orphanage in Kwediboma, which was planned by our member Mathias.
With the support of the Aut. Prov. Bolzano and the Mission Office Bolzano.
2019 Construction of an infirmary in Kileguru

This project started in November 2018. The structure has already been completed, all that is missing is the interior.

With 70% support from the Autonomous Province of Bolzano, we built this very necessary facility in the village.       (>>>Gallery)

TOTAL COST: €. 87,000.- .

2017 Construction of a catholic church

The old church in Kileguru in Tanga Province in Tanzania had become too small for the village and was in need of renovation. The village residents are Christians and so the pastor approached me with a request for support for the expansion and renovation. I had the idea to start a building block project. Each building block cost € 10. and so everyone could support the project with one or more building blocks.

With the help of the Christian mission office, a new church was built.
The names of the donors were recorded in a book that is kept in the church. So every benefactor is included in the Maasai prayer.
Asante = Thanks for the support           ( >>>Gallery)

Irma and Friends

TOTAL COST: €. 40,000.

Ringing the bell from Girlan, South Tyrol, Italy at the church in Kileguru -> >> click here ...

2016 Construction of a deep well project "Clean drinking water for Tanzania"

Good things take time, you can see that with this fountain:

This fountain was planned as early as 2012, but could not be implemented until spring 2015. The people in the village before only drank the water from the holes in the ground, which led to many diseases. It was very difficult to build this well because clean drinking water was only found at a depth of 110 meters.
More than 300 million people (out of over a billion) in Africa do not have adequate access to clean drinking water. Water is also in short supply in agriculture. The water supply in rural areas is particularly critical. Tanzania is one of the poorest countries in the world. More than 1/3 of the population lives below the poverty line. 19.5% of the population can neither read nor write. The inhabitants of rural areas, such as the Maasai tribes, are particularly disadvantaged.

With the financial help from the Autonomous province of Bolzano, in 2015 we finally had clean water in the village for the first time!
The joy was great.         >>>Gallery
TOTAL COST: 15.000,- €.

2014 Construction of a small school for girls -> had to be replaced

Since the girls in the village have to work and have no opportunity to go to school, a married teacher has agreed to teach the girls to read and write and do basic math for a few hours every day as the sun rises. Since her hut was too small for this purpose, she asked us if we could build a small school in the village. With the help of Schützen Montan (German for "marksmen's club") and many voluntary donors, this came about. Girls big and small have been attending this school since autumn 2014. The big ones to study and the little ones to have a kind of kindergarten.

Unfortunately, the teacher in question passed away and had to be replaces by a young capable teacher, who continues the small school.           ( >>>Gallery )

TOTAL COST: 7.000,- €.

Purchase of water unit and water pump

In the dry season, the water for the animals has to be scooped out of holes in the ground with buckets. By purchasing the water pump and an water unit, the water can be pumped out of the water holes faster and the animals do not have to be thirsty for so long.

TOTAL COST: 1.000,- €. (with the help of the Aut. Prov. Bozen)

Initially I help with material for villagers in need (food, clothing)