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2022 - Construction of a vocational school at Kileguru

2021 - Fencing the infirmary, the church and scool.

2021 - Payment for the production of special shoes for a disabled boy from Neema

2021 - Exchange of pipes from the desalination plant by the well at Kileguru

2021 - Construction of a school with dormitory at Tosamaganga/Iringa

2021 - Planting trees in and around the village

  • The fight against female circumcision is a major concern.
    An old and cruel practice! A lot of educational work is necessary in this respect! Even if I normally don't interfere in the Maasai's way of life, I must and cannot be quiet here!

    The campaign against female circumcision through sponsorships has already started ..... the constituent meeting with a large rally against female circumcision in Kileguru with politicians, the health department and Amref was met with a good response.

    Some pictures from this event can be found >>>  .here..

  • Support with the construction of the primary school in Makinda >>>   Gallery

  • Purchase of a vehicle for ambulance

  • Expansion of the orphanage and students home in Kwediboma

            Start of construction in January 2020.

  • Ongoing project:

    Interior of the already completed structure of the infirmary in Kileguru.
    With the support of the Autonomous Province of Bolzano, we are building an infirmary in the village

    Total Cost: €. 54,000. (>>>   Gallery)